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Reference Sires
OK Appollo
Foaled May 1, 2001 ApHC & ApHCC registered stallion. 15.1 hands. Dark Bay with spotted blanket over back and hips, star and no leg markings. "Appollo" was a grandson of ApHC Hall of Fame horse Easy We Go (X Easy Jet). You couldn't pick Appollo out of the herd as a stallion, he had the disposition of a gelding, he was 100% a gentleman even during breeding season. And he had the looks to make anyone look twice, we have 1 of Appollo's daughters in our broodmare band. Click on photo to see more photos, pedigree and info. on Appollo.

Mr Colt Fourty Five
Foaled April 2015
Sire: High Sign Nugget (ApHC Hall of Fame)
Dam: JMS Ima Docs Hickory (X Docs Hickory)
6 panel N/N  LP/LP
Click on one of His pictures to view more about Mr Colt Fourty Five